BBQ, Burgers and the best Dads around at Sprucefield

What better way to celebrate the special Dads who shop at Sprucefield than a BBQ? But not just your average BBQ… this Father’s Day we teamed up with Hillmount BBQ Academy to create the ultimate barbecue experience. Instead of just sampling what our BBQ experts had created, customers were treated to live demonstrations on how to create the perfect al fresco feast using a Weber BBQ.

Hillmount created a bespoke menu for the event to cater for all tastes and palates. For the Dad who loves a beer with his BBQ, a Cajun and Mediterranean Beer Can Chicken was cooked up. For the vegetarian Dad a Halloumi Skewer Served with A Salsa Verde was on hand. And for the dad who would rather have pizza, an Alfresco Crispy Tortilla Pizza.

To evoke that all important BBQ atmosphere to match the delicious food an outdoor area with picnic benches allowed interested onlookers to have a seat and enjoy the exquisite Northern Ireland meat and fish that had been grilled to perfection, while learning some top tips to up their BBQ game at home.

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